Credit Score Reports

We are the ONLY entity in the industry, that provides Credit Scores to small and medium enterprises. VAK Reports believes in drafting a coherent and persuasive executive summary of business with perspective of Credit Flavor.

VAK Credit Score Report (VAK CSR) provides Credit Score to businesses on the basis of Financial and Non-Financial Parameters. A unique identification number is assigned to every customer so that a reference can be maintained. VAK Reports also guides customers on various measures to increase their credibility as per Banking norms, adopt good governance practices and provide solutions for self-correction & self-improvement. Since VAK Reports is already associated with all Banks and NBFCs for their credit reports, our expertise in this field helps the Customers to have a re-look in business practices.

We provide Credit Scoring Reports to all manufacturing, trading and service industry which operate as Proprietorship Concern, Partnership Firm or Private Limited Company. Further, we operate on Pan-India Basis.

VAK CSR is beneficial for below reasons:

1. Branding and marketing of customer products,
2. Advertisements in social media
3. Availing loan facilities
4. Generate and develop brands on par with big corporates even at a smaller level
5. For availing new tenders, sourcing new customers, new import/export orders, for suppliers, tie ups with branded companies and corporates etc.
6. Compete with competitors to differentiate from other businesses
7. Build trust with creditors by getting rated on basis of credibility and avail credit facility/discounts


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