We at VAK Reports, provide end-to-end processing for almost areas in the Financial Services Outsourcing domain.

Credit Services: We are experts in Credit Appraisals, Credit Verification, Stock Audits. Project Reports etc. We cover the entire family of Credit which is utmost requirement in decision of providing loan.

Credit Appraisal:

Personal Discussion based reports:

The personal discussion is of crucial importance since this meeting is of prime importance in decision of sanctioning the loan. Our team of professionals meet the customers at their business place. One to one personal discussion is done in order to understand his business in entirety, educational qualification of an applicant, family background, track record of existing loans, owned assets, cash flow etc.. Reports are prepared basis this information and VAK Rating is provided accordingly. VAK rating is 100% certified rating.

Personal discussion and Financial based reports:

Team from commerce background meets the customer for one to one discussion, gather information about their business, their competitors, their debtors and creditors situation and study their financials thoroughly. Basis the combined evaluation of risk – Ability to pay and Intention to Pay, VAK team provided reports which are in line with a banker’s requirement. VAK Rating will be based on financial eligibility as well as Personal discussion.

Liquid Income Program Reports

Our masters in Business handles such types of reports. They meet the customer at their place of business and understand their business set up, compare with industry trends, define risk parameters, Analyse their cash income and basis these credentials, prepare reports which also recommend loan amount.

Telephonic personal discussion Reports

Customer is approached by VAK team on his mobile/landline number and Detailed discussion is conducted to evaluate his loan worthiness in case of business –Self employed or self employed professional. If the customer is a salaried customer, he is evaluated basis his years of experience, category of company that he works, his educational qualification, his assets and borrowing etc.

CPA Activity

VAK Team also assist in data entry of all financials such as P/L , B/S , FAT analysis etc.

Credit Verification

Credit Due Diligence: 

* Office verification of the customer
* Residence verification of the customer
* Reference checks of the customer
* Telephonic as well as physical
* Original verification of documents
   at business place.
* Verification of Pan Number
* Verification of Income tax returns