VAK Reports, associated with Banks, NBFC's, & Co Lenders covers entire gamut of credit related services into lending business.

We are empaneled with many Banks, NBFCs & Co-lenders for their credit analysis and reports. We also are associated with Top most Rating agency wherein we work on many types of reports entailing to 100 to 300 pages.


1. Personal Discussions
2. Liquid Income Program
3. Accessed Income Program
4. Factory Visits
5. Employment Confirmation
6. Cash Salary Reports
7. Techno Economic Viability Reports
8. Project Funding Reports
9. Corporate Profile
10. Credit Score Reports


1. Home Loan
2. Loan against property
3. Business Loans
4. Affordable Housing
6. Auto Loan – Vehicle Loans
7. Agri Loans
8. Education Loan
9. Personal Loans

States Coverage:

1. Maharashtra
2. Karnataka
3. Gujarat:
4. Kerala
5. Rajasthan

Detailed Reports synopsis

1. Credit Appraisals: Our team of experts conducts Personal discussion with loan applicants to evaluate credit worthiness before disbursal of loans. We conduct PDs for all products such as HL, LAP and BL.

2. Factory visits: We also undertake Factory visits specially for working capital business and prepare a detailed Report for the Banks.

3. Liquid Income Reports: Understand client's overall business considering his cash/liquid income thereby analyze/gauge their real income.

4. TEV Reports: We prepare a detailed Techno Economic Viability Reports for brickworks.

5. Project Funding Reports: We prepare Detailed Project Reports for specific customer requirements of either starting new business or undertaking new projects in existing business. This entails understanding the financial as well as non-financial parameters comprehensively and providing an opinion on the feasibility of the proposed funding.

6. Employment verifications