TEV Report

TE-VAK Reports has been instrumental in helping customers comprising of Banks as well as NBFCs to carry out an detailed appraisal of projects prior to funding.

VAK Reports TEV analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of all the risk factors such as credit, technical & financial and provides customised reports that meet the client's requirement. These reports are prepared keeping in mind specific customers’ needs and hence contains enhanced information and analytical content.

TEV Report provides a bird-eye view to lenders on the selection, modification or rejection of projects to be undertaken by an assessee. It covers different spectrums of clients business covering financial, economic, industry and SWOT analysis

Business Profile Report provides a magnification of business and can include customers business information in addition to his brief customer and supplier information. It also provides a glimpse of the industry analysis vis-a-vis local competition.

Investor Relation Report is concise presentation of customer information with a balance maintained between past performance and future expectation in regards to qualitative and quantitative information.